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About me

I, Shawn Liu, am an award-winning father of two boys, living in Brooklyn NY USA. Coffee is what I truly love (besides my family), and I try to convince myself every day that I love drawing just as much.

MRSHAWNLIU authors a zine called Neophyte. He likes to listen to music while he draws.

For a couple hours a day, I also do some stuff on the internet. In my previous life, I founded a business (Harvest) and got real lucky with it (grateful, astonished, never take it for granted, etc).

Years ago my mother noticed that I like to take pictures of trash. She thought it was odd. I reminded her that I got my genes from her.

You can find me on Instagram. Call me sir, or mister, especially if you’re younger than 18, ok? Glad we understand each other.

If you must get in touch with me, fill out this form: